How Can You Resolve This Error: ‘Garmin Express Not Syncing Error’

How Can You Resolve This Error: ‘Garmin Express Not Syncing Error’?

If you are facing syncing issues pertaining to Garmin Express like ‘Garmin Express Not Syncing Error’ then you are reading the right blog post to get the right solution for the same.

While reading this blog you will come to know the following below queries:

  1. What are the reasons behind syncing errors on the Garmin Express?
  2. What are the possible solutions to fix sync errors?
  3. Some quick fixes to the sync problem.
  4. How can you fix rigid errors?

Major reasons behind ‘Garmin Express not syncing’

Space issue:

Please note that if the storage is not sufficient on the Garmin device or Garmin Connect then you will not able to sync the data.

Outdated software:

You need to update the software if the Garmin Express installed on the PC is not updated yet.

Damaged Garmin Express:

If any virus or malware is there then it might be the possibility for Garmin not working properly

Make sure if the Garmin Express not syncing then you also need to check whether the file is downloaded or not on the PC.

Corrupted files on the device:

Files will not upload on the Garmin connect if any file is corrupted on the Garmin device

Authentication error

In case of a mismatch in server information pertaining to login details then you will get the syncing error so please check login details properly.

To detect the cause and troubleshoot just follow these below steps:

  1. After checking the firmware version of Garmin Express you need to download the latest available updates
  2. Also, check the software of the device
  3. Check the availability of the plugin to the current device if the syncing process was working on another device
  4. Check the network signal strengths
  5. You need to check the network settings if you are getting errors on the Garmin screen
  6. Just check whether the connection is lost or damaged if yes fix it ASAP
  7. Remove if there is any viruses or malware

Syncing the device using Garmin Express:

While syncing process the data from the device is transferred to the Garmin Connect account and then you need to transfer it to the GPS again. Further, if you want to sync the device on its own then just follow the below-mentioned steps one by one.

  1. From the online resources you need to download the Garmin Express and then install it on your computer
  2. Just open the Garmin Express program and connect the device to the computer
  3. Now you need to register the device and then click on the ‘Sync now’ button option
  4. Fill in the login details that are verified by the server. The sync process will start automatically

Why Garmin Express is still not syncing?

You will get the error code on the screen when sync doesn’t start automatically once clicked on the ‘Sync now’ button, the reason being due to the existing corrupted files that were uploaded on the Garmin Express. To resolve just follow the below steps:

  1. Look for corrupted files after opening the Garmin activity folder on your computer
  2. Upload the corrupted file to the webpage from the desktop
  3. Now you need to wait for the file to get fixed
  4. Finally, download the fixed file and click to send it to Garmin Connect. Import it now using the import button.

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