How To Fix Garmin Connect Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

How To Fix Garmin Connect Bluetooth Connectivity Issues?

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Generally, you may face issues like being unable to find the smart notification or can’t sync with Garmin Connect, etc. First of all, you need to make sure that your Bluetooth means devices are connected to each other.

What are the steps to resolve Garmin Connect Bluetooth problems?

Check out the below-mentioned steps for the same:

  1. Just search the option Bluetooth after opening the flag menu from the top of your mobile screen
  2. Now check the Bluetooth whether is enabled or not
  3. Login to your account after opening the Garmin Connect application
  4. Check the device status after going to the Garmin device from the Connect application menu

There might be some Bluetooth software problems if you find poor connectivity pop up on your screen

So mainly four kinds of Bluetooth problems that you may face while using Garmin Connect so you can follow each type of problem-solved step or you can contact us for instant help at the below-provided numbers.

So let’s talk about these 4 common problems that you’re facing and allied solutions in a step-wise format.

Problem 1: No device is paired

These are the steps to resolve this form of error:

  1. After opening the Garmin Connect just click on add a device option
  2. Now you will get a list of available nearby devices to pair further so click to pair accordingly
  3. You need to read properly the instructions so that to complete the pairing process
  4. Once paired you’ll get the allied pop-up message like paired successfully

Problem 2: Garmin Connect is not connecting to the mobile even after restarting

Below are steps to solve this kind of problem:

  1. Click on the three dots symbol from the bottom right corner of the app screen after launching the Garmin Connect app
  2. Now just go to the remove device option then click yes to confirm to make the device unpaired
  3. Just wait for a few minutes & again start adding the mobile to the Garmin Connect app
  4. You need to enter the pairing key if asked then you’ll get a pop-up like paired successfully on your screen. That’s it.

Problem 3: When the Garmin Connect app shows – No Device Paired

Follow the below steps to resolve this:

  1. Click add a device option after opening the app
  2. Select and click the Garmin device that you want to connect further and read all the instructions carefully
  3. As soon as the pairing process is finished you’ll get a connected message. You’re done now.

Problem 4: Not connected error

Two solutions are mentioned below:

  1. Just reboot the mobile and Garmin device
  2. Or go to the device settings option to check the connectivity after opening the Garmin Connect app

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