How TomTom Device Latest GPS One N14644 Maps Version Update?

How TomTom Device Latest GPS One N14644 Maps Version Update?

TomTom Device Latest GPS One N14644 Maps Version Update: TomTom is a well-renowned name in the domain of location technology & consumer electronics which is founded in the year 1991 that launched its very first satellite navigation system in 2004. It is Amsterdam situated concern that has over forty-five hundred employees globally and presents including the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific region.

Furthermore, you may be already aware of the fact that TomTom has so many navigation devices that assists us by providing highly precise data pertaining to navigation to make our travel more comfortable.

Therefore, in this blog, you come to know how you can update one of its kind that is TomTom One N14644. Obviously, sometimes you can find issues updating any kind of navigation system you are having so along with providing steps we can assist you instantly so let’s consider steps first then will share helpline numbers as well to help you further with any critical issues you face in real-time.

Before letting you know the steps to do so you can find these TomTom devices widely used in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland, etc., and once updated you can enjoy new available latest features with high precision value to get the best results while traveling.

So now without wasting a minute let’s have a look at the below steps for updating the TomTom One N14644 device:

What is the process for TomTom One N14644 Map Updates?

Before following the below-mentioned steps make sure you have installed TomTom home to your computer from the official window and then you’ve interfaced the TomTom GPS device to the computer so now TomTom Home programming will guide you through everything regarding available updates.

  1. Just click login in the upper right-hand corner, when the TomTom HOME programming introduced
  2. Make sure if you are using the device for the first time then you have created a username and password for the same
  3. Just click Update my device in TomTom HOME and your new map will show in the list of updates.
  4. After that, tap on Update and install.
  5. Once you tap the device starts downloading the available updates instantly on its own.
  6. When downloading is finished just click the Done option and wait for updates to get installed.
  7. That’s it. Now, just click the blue eject button at the bottom right to disconnect safely.

Finally, congratulations!! you’re done with the latest updates.

If you still facing any problems regarding updates of TomTom devices of any type then feel free to get help from us instantly.

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